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Interview Series: She & Reverie


We are so excited to be back on the blog and to introduce a new interview series with our favorite designers. Not only do we love bringing you the best of the lingerie market, but we aim to find designers and brands that hold meaning in their messages and work ethics.

Today we introduce Quinne Myers, designer behind the sweet & playful made in NYC line She & Reverie.

1.     What made you want to start designing? Why lingerie?

I’ve always been artistic, and when I learned to sew and embroider, I discovered that clothing could be just as beautiful as a fine illustration, like a piece of art that you can adorn yourself with. I think the heart of the apparel industry is a perfect combination of art and business.

As for lingerie, I’m naturally drawn to super-feminine styles and careful details, so I of course love the bow-and-lace-covered world of lingerie! I also like lingerie because, as women, we’re more likely to get a little experimental with our intimates; we might wear a simple little dress out to dinner, but what we wear underneath can be as flashy as we like. With she and reverie, I try to bring those two worlds together.

2.     What type of women are you designing for?

She and reverie customers are modern romantics: they often have these whimsical, vintage-inspired, feminine sensibilities but are such strong, individual, modern women at heart. They are detail-oriented aesthetes who want to live their lives the way they like.

3.     Describe your design aesthetic – how do you want women to feel in your lingerie?

When I set out to design one of our capsule collections, I always have a story I want to tell or a place I want to take you away to. When you put on a piece of she and reverie, it often fuels a daydream, like going on a personal mental vacation, which I love.  At the same time, because our aesthetic is hyper-feminine, it’s very important to me that our pieces are still empowering.  We believe you should always dress for yourself above all, and I think that’s reflected in our brand.  Someone once referred to one of our dresses as “accidentally sexy”, a sentiment I’ve heard in various forms since then, and I think it’s so true; we’re cheeky and fun, but never strive towards a try-hard sex appeal. (It also inspired our next capsule collection, called “MAYBE”.)

4.     Do you think there is anything that needs to change about the lingerie market? What are ways that brands and lingerie stores can help promote positive body image for women and young girls?

Luckily, the lingerie industry is so diverse these days; the indie lingerie world that we’re a part of is so different from the mass-market mall brands, and so accessible thanks to the internet.  The bloggers, boutiques, and other designers that I am connected to are all so inclusive and body-positive.

I think it’s important for boutiques and brands to focus on comfort, style, and personal happiness over body part objectivity and whether or not someone else (friends, lovers, society) will find you attractive. We’re all shaped differently and, at the risk of sounding cheesy, that’s genuinely what makes each of us beautiful.  Trying to force ourselves to fit a specific silhouette or wear a certain style is such a step backwards for all of us. Thankfully, a lot of the industry is realizing that, and I think it could really raise the self-esteem and confidence of both women and young girls.

5.     What inspires you?

Beautiful color combinations.  Vintage illustrations and photos.  Classic fairytales and how we still cling to them in our own modern ways.  Botanicals, in nature and in art. People who live their lives the way they want, regardless of what others expect from them.

6.     Describe beauty in 5 words or less –

Your essential, effortless, imperfect self.

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Thank you, Quinne!