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Not All D’s Are Created Equal

“I have based my whole life on knowing that D is the biggest!”
-George Costanza: Seinfeld episode #504

Like George, many of us have spent our whole lives believing a D cup (or even better, DD) is the pinnacle of the bra cup pyramid. Not only is D cup not the biggest cup size available, but not all D cups are created equal. In fact, it’s all relative.

It’s all relative…

A bra’s cup size is relative to its band size. Let’s look at a popular size like 34D. In the bra industry there are sizes that are considered “sister sizes” to each bra size and cup. For the 34D they are a 32DD or a 36C. How are these sister sizes related? It is all in the cup. Each of these bra sizes, though the bands are all different, have cups that would be equivalent. For instance, if your 34D bra feels like it is too big in the band (maybe your band rides up in the back or you are always having to adjust it because your bra seems to wander) but your cup seems to be perfect. Purchasing a 32D would only cause you heartache. You would soon find that the underwire is poking you and you just no longer feel like your D is working, and you just don’t know why!  That is because you have not only bought a smaller band, but you have bought a smaller cup too! So, what would you really want to purchase in this case? Looking back to the sister sizes, you would want to purchase a 32DD. Same cup as before, but with a smaller band size.

But that’s not all…

When it comes to figuring out what bra you want to purchase we always recommend trying it on first. Take into consideration the shape of the cup or style of the bra, the fabric of the bra and even the company that made the bra. As women, we need to lean away from looking at a bra’s size and really start to look at the fit on our bodies. You may have fuller breast on the bottom and find that you are just not able to fill out a full coverage cupped bra. That’s ok. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to have a smaller cup size. It may just mean that you need to look at purchasing a heart shaped bra or a balconette bra.


There is a statistic that is out there that says that 80% of all women are wearing the wrong bra size. From the sizing issues we talked about before, we are sure you can see why that may be. Some women start to think of themselves in terms of a bra size like, “I am a 34D.” It can be hard for some women ( or exciting ) when they receive their first bra fitting in years only to find out that they aren’t a 34DD at all, but are more like a 30 F. We often hear “I can’t believe I am that big.” As women we need to get away from the idea that we are defined by the size of our bras and focus on how our bra’s fit makes us feel! The properly fitted bra can make you look younger and thinner, all by doing what it is supposed to be doing!

What to look for in a good bra…

1. Your band should feel snug but not overly tight.

Remember your bra’s band is where you get most of the support. Too often we think comfort means loose. Instead, starting thinking of comfort meaning that nagging back pain will be gone because you aren’t carrying a load on your shoulders every day!

2. Your bra’s cup should hold the girls in, and they shouldn’t be escaping!

The underwire should allow your breast to fit into the cup and stay close to your body. Don’t forget that your breast also includes some of the tissue under your arm. If you put your bra on and you feel it poking under your arm, try a larger cup size so the underwire actually holds all of your breast without pushing some out.

3. The gore should fit closely to your sternum.

In other words, the middle between the cups should lay flat on your breast bone. Ladies, it is not impossible. We promise. No matter how large your chest measurement is, there is a bra out there for you. Once you find the right cup size and band size all parts of the bra should fit closely to the body. 

4. Find your ideal shape

As mentioned above, bras come in many different shapes. A full coverage bra might not work for you, but a demi bra would be perfect. This could make all the difference in the world without ever changing the size of the bra! 

5. You should feel comfortable

You may find that when you find the right bra for you, your shoulders are no longer under pressure. Your back might not hurt. You may stand taller and yes even look younger and thinner. Most of all, you feel like the best you.

If you haven’t had a good bra fitting in a while, we highly encourage you to get one. As you can see, it may make all the difference in the world for your confidence and health. Don’t be afraid if your cup size goes up. Remember it is all relative! We would be happy to help you here are Derriere de Soie. Just give us a call and schedule a time. We look forward to helping you be the best you possible!

Interview Series: Fortnight Lingerie





We are so excited to share our latest interview series with designer we love, Christina Remenyi of Fortnight Lingerie. Fortnight elegantly combines fashion, function, and comfort; a goal we are always aiming towards at derrière de soie. Enjoy below a glimpse into her design world.

What made you want to start designing? Why lingerie?

I’ve always been really inspired by lingerie – it’s this personal, hidden layer that has played such an important role in shaping women throughout history.  The intimacy that a woman has with her lingerie is quite inspiring. It’s a very personal purchase that to me, is quite intriguing.  I think what made me want to design lingerie is that I found the lingerie market was saturated with brands that were either very basic, or over embellished with very little in between. There was a void of fresh, modern and functional lingerie that not only compliments a woman’s natural curves, but the clothes she wears on top.

What type of women are you designing for?

Fortnight is for women with an independent and thoughtful sense of beauty, who carve their own path in life.  We design for women who appreciates quality, craftsmanship, fit and detail.

Describe your design aesthetic – how do you want women to feel in your lingerie?

We aim at designing modern, versatile lingerie that bridges the gap between basic and boudoir.  Our aesthetic is very much a fusion of strong lines and soft, feminine fabrics.  Comfort and support is a huge factor in our designs, so there is a distinct structural element and nod to eras past. It is our hope that women feel comfortable, supported and feminine all at the same time.

Do you think there is anything that needs to change about the lingerie market? What are ways that brands and lingerie stores can help promote positive body image for women and young girls?

The lingerie market has come a long way in recent years, but there is still a great deal of marketing that preys on women’s insecurities, by featuring overtly sexualized models in unrealistic settings.  It’s almost as if these ads are actually directed at men instead of women! I think lingerie brands and stores can help break down the misconception of body image by spreading the word about how undergarments are supposed to fit and by offering a wider range of sizes

What inspires you?
Art, film, friends, family and nature

Describe beauty in 5 words or less –
Honesty, kindness and an open mind

Interview Series: Salua Lingerie

"Salua represents sophistication and elegance while nurturing the enduring feminine spirit".

Read below as we speak with designer we love, Shadia K’David on her start in the lingerie business, design aesthetics, and thoughts on what “beauty” means in our current culture.

What made you want to start designing? Why lingerie?

When I was a little girl I would spend a lot of time doodling fashion sketches and choosing my own outfits since I was 2.  My mother thought I was going to be a designer. I actually went on to study industrial engineering. Due in large part to an oversized obsession with real live factory production, and growing businesses. My mom started Salua in 1993, and it wasn’t until 2009 that I decided to get involved with the business with the intent to expand internationally and take operations to another level. After a year in the US market, I realized that Salua would have to make designs that take into account the wonderful perspectives and tastes that make up American culture. It was this realization that inspired me to once again start doodling fashion sketches, but this time taking them off paper and seeing them through to production.        

What type of women are you designing for?

I design for women who don’t have to work too hard to get their beloved’s attention; I truly believe that a woman’s most powerful arm of seduction is her own femininity. Salua seeks to accentuate that.    

I imagine ladies of any age, let’s say a single one, getting home after work and putting on a Salua gown, having a glass of wine and relaxing while reading and feeling confident in herself and lifestyle. For women with significant others, Salua aims to illuminate the feminine spirit of the home.     I learned from my mother that we are treated by how we dress. Not surprisingly the same principal applies within out intimate settings and moments.    

Describe your design aesthetic – how do you want women to feel in your lingerie?

Clean, airy, dreamy and effortlessly beautiful with a vintage hint.  I want women to feel like goddess in their own home.

Do you think there is anything that needs to change about the lingerie market? What are ways that brands and lingerie stores can help promote positive body image for women and young girls?

I think there is increasing awareness that we women come in all shapes and sizes, and I’ve definitely seen more brands beginning to specialize in addressing these niche markets, which I think is fantastic! In fact, I recently heard of a brand focusing on small bands full cups! 

I’m also noting a change in the marketing, in that photos are beginning to feel more casual and realist. I now even see bloggers who are trying on the lingerie garments and showing off pictures of their natural bodies in unedited pictures. This is great. It makes women’s natural beauty seem normal.    

I think brands and lingerie stores are doing a good job just by presenting other options than Victoria’s Secret which message has become a bit boring.

What inspires you?

The genius of music and lyrics inspire me. But nothing inspires me more than seeing beautiful fabrics and laces laid out on a cutting table… that is an amazing feeling!

Describe beauty in 5 words or less –

Anything that takes my breath away and makes me smile.

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